All Night Fun and Games! – Thousands in Prizes!

Test your skill and luck at Carnaval ALL NIGHT LONG!

All Carnaval guests are invited to play as many games as they wish…they are FREE! And every time you win you receive a ticket(s) to enter the opportunity cash drawing. Games can be found throughout the venue for your playing pleasure.

Giant Dice Roll – Can you roll a Snake Eyes?

Prize Wheel – Are you game to test you luck? 

Wine Toss – Throw rings to win wine

Balloon Pop – Which balloon has the prize?

Fish Bowl Toss – Can you get a ball into the bowl?

Megawire – Can you get to the finish without being zapped?

Double Shot Basketball – How many can you make?

Giant Plinko – How lucky can you be?

The more you play, the more you win, the better your chances in the opportunity cash drawing

General Admission: $115

VIP Admission: $155